Invest your Lunch Money

in fighting Child Hunger

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Children's MEALS raised:  86,007!!!

Your Lunch Money

The money you spend each lunch hour can become 30+ children's meals. Invest your lunch money in helping fight Child Hunger - and share your photo! #hOURLUNCH

hOURLUNCH started as a simple idea: what if I used my hour lunch break once a week to do something productive? What if everyone did?

1 in 5 Children in America don't know where their next meal will come from. If you do, we invite you to skip your lunch once a week and donate your lunch money to help curb Child Hunger. $10 will buy an amazing burrito... OR lunch for 30+ children. Will you JOIN US? 


Donate your lunch money once a week to help fight child hunger! 

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News Spreads Fast! 

We grew because you knew! Thank you to Rachael Ray, TEDx, The Oregonian and everyone who has shared the hOURLUNCH story from coast to coast! 

hOUR Mission:

Help Curb Child Hunger One LUNCH HOUR at a Time!

Oregon Food Bank

OreGonians are the OGs of hOURLUNCH! Donate directly to our original partners and help them continue to lead the charge against child hunger in the NW!